Grammatical Analyst Oct 2022 - Current
All The Word - New Smyrna Beach, FL
  • Used the program the Linguist's Assistant to describe Bahasa Indonesian with morphosyntactic and semantic models.
  • I interview a bilingual Indonesian and English speaker every week to reverse engineer her knowledge and discover the grammatical properties of Indonesian.
  • Completed 8 stages of the project in 5 months where I created rules for the most common grammatical structures that occur in the target translation text. These rules describe and generate things like relative clauses, complement clauses, sentences with an interrogative illocutionary force, and reciprocal pronouns.
Undergraduate Research Assistant Mar 2020 - Dec 2020
University of California, Davis - Davis, CA
  • Used Praat to label and segment sounds in over 20 hours English and Diné Bizaad natural speech.
  • Observed the surface realization of vowels in English and Diné Bizaad bilingual speech.
  • Aided in finding that there is no substantial evidence of intergenerational changes of Diné Bizaad speech despite community-wide bilingualism.
Shuttle Operator February 2023 - Current
University of California, San Francisco - San Francisco, CA
  • Learned to operate 5 different vehicles for the campus transit system.
  • I carefully navigate San Fransico's streets with a 40ft vehicle in peak traffic hours.
Transit Driver Aug 2018 - Jun 2021
Unitrans - Davis, CA
  • Operated a bus to bring students and Davis residents around the whole city.
  • Memorized 20 different service lines and all the steps of safety inspection for each vehicle.